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Owning a motorcycle can be such a rewarding experience. It opens the door to new memories and adventures. Best of all, it can help you meet new people with similar interests and passions.

If you’re newer to motorcycle ownership, you might be wondering what sort of maintenance you can manage yourself. Remember that you can (and should) ask a professional when you have any significant concerns. That said, there are specific tasks that any beginner can handle. Here are a few to get you started.

Oil Changes

Believe it or not, changing the oil is a simple and relatively easy task. In other words, it’s a perfect task for those hoping to do more DIY care for their motorcycles. Oil changes are critical for any engine, as they help it run smoothly.

When getting ready for your first oil change, you should mentally prepare yourself for a bit of a mess. Likewise, make a point of researching changing oil for your specific motorcycle model, as there may or may not be a few additional steps involved.

Air Filters

While you’re changing the oil, you might as well change the air filter. Air filters get clogged and dirty with surprising ease, and yet it isn’t something people talk about all that much. Admittedly, changing the air filter can take some time, so don’t begin this process if you have somewhere to be.

Basic Checks

As with cars, there are certain things that any motorcycle owner should learn to check. This will help them spot any problems and know when additional maintenance is needed. Basic checks include tire pressure, chain tension, and coolant levels. 


Basic battery care is another thing to consider. The better one cares for the battery, the longer it will last. This should include monitoring the acid levels, adding de-ionized water, and other essential steps—research your motorcycle and battery models to learn the best care practices. 


Finally, there’s always cleaning. One can easily handle cleaning a motorcycle, and most owners find it to be an enjoyable experience. If you want your bike to look new and beautiful all the time, regular cleanings are encouraged. Some experts even suggest cleaning it after every ride if you want to keep that polish looking its best.