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When you live in an HOA, you need to know what the regulations are for holiday decorations. Different HOAs have different rules, so you need to be familiar with yours. Take a look at the following tips.

Following Regulations

Your HOA may have regulations concerning holiday decorations. You need to understand the difference between people who aren’t in an HOA and have a first amendment right to free speech concerning how they express themselves during the holidays and people who have to follow the community regulations.

Generally, HOA residents have to find out what is allowed and what isn’t. Some may have a lot of regulations, while others might not restrict you at all.

Try to Understand Which Decorations Might Be Offensive to Neighbors

When you are choosing outdoor decorations, you should think about your neighbors. You should always avoid racially or politically charged decorations, as well as negative reflections of any religion. Most of the time, these types of decorations will not be allowed.

Find Out What Type of Lighting Is Permitted

Some HOAs want to have homes with similar lighting, so you might only be allowed white. Some might regulate where you place the lights, such as the edge of the roof. You need to find out what your HOA’s policies are so that you comply.

Reconsider Loud Decorations

There are some decorations that are noisy, and they might have songs or music playing. You may be able to display these decorations, but you might not be allowed to have the noise on at certain times of the day. Make sure that it doesn’t bother your neighbors, and choose decorations where the noise can be turned off when you want it off.

Find Out How Long You Are Allowed to Keep the Decorations Up

Some people get excited and want to start decorating after Halloween, and they want to leave their decorations up through the beginning of the following year. However, HOAs might have a rule. For example, some HOAs don’t allow you to put them up until after Thanksgiving, and you have to take them down the first week in January. Find out the rules so that you are in compliance.

Ask Before You Put up Inflatable Decorations

Some HOA communities may limit the types of decorations you can use. For instance, you may only be allowed Christmas lights and a wreath. Others won’t limit you at all. If you want to put large inflatable decorations up, make sure that it is permitted.